Bolsonaro’s new alliance for brazil is a lesson in the politics of loyalty and campaign finance For over three decades, Bolsonaro used different


For over three decades, Bolsonaro used different parties to obtain electoral advantage, most recently the Social Liberal Party (PSL) that carried him to the presidency. On Bolsonaro’s behalf, Gustavo Bebbiano and Paulo Marinho negotiated a pact with the PSL’s godfather Luciano Bivar and with Paulo Guedes, who would later become minister of the economy.The pact gave Bolsonaro the party’s nomination, made Bebbiano the party’s president in place of Bivar, and gave Guedes the chance to make his Chicago School economics professors proud at the controls of Brazil’s economy. With Guedes doing the policy work, Bolsonaro would be given free rein in his populist, social-conservative discourse and his ranting against the Workers Party (PT) of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff.


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